Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BICS Enables Swisscom's Intercontinental 4G Roaming

BICS announced its "IPX platform enabled Swisscom [see "Swisscom Uses Ericsson for LTE Roaming" - here] and South Korean operators to perform the first intercontinental 4G roaming connection over IPX, between Europe and Asia .. Through the BICS IPX platform, the operators have now launched the new connection for customers, allowing those roaming in Switzerland and South Korea to access 4G/LTE services. In early July the roaming facility will be extended to customers in Canada and Hong Kong"

See also "BICS Uses ACME Packet for LTE Carrier Services" - here.

Mikaël Schachne [pictured], VP Mobile Data Business at BICS said: “With our LTE Signalling & IPX Transport, we enable operators such as Swisscom and the South Korean operators to offer global 4G roaming for their subscribers. We are convinced that they soon will be followed by many other operators worldwide".

See "BICS enables first intercontinental 4G/LTE Data Roaming relation" - here.

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