Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PCC Deployments [263]: Bezeq Deployed Aradial for its NGN Network

Aradial announced that ".. BEZEQ Communications , a leading Israeli service provider, successfully deployed Aradial's RADIUS AAA and policy control to create a scalable and redundant IP-services platform that replaces the existing system and serving millions of users. Aradial implemented its RADIUS AAA and policy control in two sites for disaster recovery, each running two redundant Aradial servers for business continuity. The servers in each site run in active/active configuration serving all network elements in the BEZEQ network".

I hear that Aradial RADIUS AAA system replaced an Alcatel-Lucent system.

On March 31st, 2013 Bezeq had 1.185M broadband internet lines (DSL), representing a 5.7% yearly growth. Average speed was 10.4 Mbps, and monthly ARPU - NIS83 (~$23). 65% of the broadband lines were covered by Bezeq's NGN.

Yishai Levanoni [pictured], CTO, Aradial said: "In BEZEQ, Aradial interfaces with over 50 network access servers (NAS), including multiple Redback SmartEdge devices and Alcatel Lucent. The Aradial RADIUS AAA and policy control is serving more than one million NGN (ADSL) subscribers, Wifi and other IP services, enforcing an average of million concurrent sessions in real time. Aradial AAA server also provides a virtual RADIUS infrastructure to Bezeq corporate customers".

Aradial also supports Bezeq's "Public Wi-Fi" service (see "Bezeq [Israel] Launches a Public-Social Wi-Fi Sharing Service" - here).

See "Aradial Technologies Deploy RADIUS AAA and Policy Control at Bezeq PTT for NGN Network" - here.

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