Saturday, July 13, 2013

Viber Offers Globe Telecom Subscribers Free Chats

Viber continues building partnerships with Asian MNOs.

Following "1-800" deals with Mobilink and Axis the OTT VoIP provider announced an ".. exclusive deal with Globe Telecom to offer its subscribers call, text, and mobile Internet services bundled with Viber. The Globe Prepaid GoUNLI25 is a bundled prepaid offer with unlimited texts and unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus unlimited Viber Chat services without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges".

Globe also offer free access to Google services (here)

" This affordable and flexible plan provides multiple ways for Globe customers to use Viber to communicate freely with their friends. With multiple price points, customers can choose exactly the plan that’s right for them and enjoy messaging via Viber and HD quality voice calls".

"Regular rates apply for calls via Viber"
See "Viber Announces Exclusive Partnership with Globe Telecom in the Philippines" - here.


  1. How do you make this out as a 1-800 type service? Looks more like a zero-rating partnership to me. I see no sign that Viber - or anyone else - paying "cold hard cash" to operators for subsidising data traffic for end-users.

    I suspect that the operators are either paying Viber, in order to get a valuable differentiating service in their bundle, or else it's zero-revenue in both directions.

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