Friday, July 26, 2013

[UK]: Broadband Transparency Improves

Transparency is very important to the UK regulator (see "Ofcom: Getting Ready for Speed Advertising Guidelines"-  here; "Self Regulation doesn't Satisfy Ofcom; Publishes Minimum Disclosure Level" - here and "Transparency for Unlimited and "up-to" Service Speeds" - here).

Ofcom seems to be happy with its regulation efforts and is saying now that "UK consumers are receiving better information about the broadband speeds they can expect to receive from a new supplier, according to Ofcom research published today. Ofcom has carried out mystery shopping into whether internet service providers are giving consumers relevant information about expected broadband speeds .. Mystery shopping revealed a speed estimate in the form of a range was provided in four out of every five calls (80%), up from 68% in 2012" (see Comparison of ISPs’ compliance with speeds information requirements below). 

Just need to see that the information provided before joining the service reflects the actual service level.

Source: Ofcom

See "Consumers receiving better information on broadband speeds" - here.

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