Saturday, July 27, 2013

[YG]: Policy on Device - "an essential element in their overall policy architecture"

A new report by Jennifer Pigg [pictured] , VP, Yankee Group, concludes that "Service providers should approach policy on the device (PoD) as an essential element in their overall policy architecture. Wi-Fi offload should be the MNOs’ trial balloon for PoD, but MNOs should look to enhanced PoD use cases to provide differentiated services. Hotspot 2.0 will simplify Wi-Fi roaming, but at the same time will exacerbate the challenge of controlling the user experience when the subscriber roams off the network. MNOs will need PoD to maintain control of their subscriber base.

"A new class of policy on the device (PoD) vendors has emerged. These vendors use a variety of product, pricing and go-to-market strategies. Their PoD solutions will enable new revenues streams across a wide variety of usage models".

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