Saturday, July 20, 2013

Verizon: "59% of our total data traffic is carried on the 4G LTE network"

Some quotes from Verizon's Q2 earning call:
  • Our Share Everything Plans have been very successful. The plans have been available since June 28 of last year and customer adoption has been very strong. In just one year, more than 36% of our postpaid accounts are on a Share Everything Plan. The value proposition is simple and straightforward and customers increasingly recognize the value of shared data across multiple devices.

  • Adoption of 4G LTE smartphones and devices continue to accelerate. One-third of our retail postpaid connections are now 4G LTE compared to just 12% one year ago. 46% of our smartphones and more than two-thirds of our Internet devices are 4G LTE. Currently 59% of our total data traffic is carried on the 4G LTE network, which is 5 times more efficient than the 3G network.

  • So when you look at that and you look at the usage, currently 59% of the data traffic is now running on the 4G network and that is being driven by 33% of the base. So again from just a growth perspective on the top line, we have always said again that as customers move into Shared and they realize the viability and speeds and the consistency of this 4G network, it's going to drive them to use higher usage. If you look at where video is going in the future, obviously that's going to continue the proliferation of the usage on this network.

See "EDITED TRANSCRIPT VZ - Q2 2013 Verizon Earnings Conference Call", by THOMSON REUTERS STREETEVENTS - here.

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