Monday, July 22, 2013

UK to Enforce Opt Out Network Based Web Filtering on All ISPs

More than 2 years ago the UK Government said it wants an Opt Out Parental Control (here). Now it decided to go for it - potentially creating some opportunities to DPI vendors (see related posts about Allot, Procera and Sandvine success for network-based filtering)

David Cameron, the UK Prime Minster [pictured] said he is about to "cracking down on online pornography and making the internet safer for children"

"Inside the home, on the private family network, it is a more complicated issue. There has been a big debate about whether internet filters should be set to a default ‘on’ position in other words, with adult content filters applied by default – or not .. Those who wanted default ‘on’ said – it’s a no-brainer just have the filters set to ‘on’ - then adults can turn them off if they want to and that way we can protect all children, whether their parents are engaged in internet safety or not ..  But others said default ‘on’ filters could create a dangerous sense of complacency ..  I say: we need both we need good filters that are pre-selected to be on unless an adult turns them off and we need parents aware and engaged in the setting of those filters".

Mr. Cameron analyzes the new family-friendly filter by access method:
  • "..So on mobile phones, it is great to report that all of the operators have now agreed to put adult content filters onto phones automatically.

  • On public wi-fi – of which more than 90 per cent is provided by six companies – O2, Virgin Media, Sky, Nomad, BT and Arqiva - I’m pleased to say we have now reached an agreement with all of them that family-friendly filters are to be applied across the public wi-fi network wherever children are likely to be present. 
  • I appointed Claire Perry to take charge of this for the very simple reason that she is passionate about this issue and determined to get things done.She has worked with the big 4 internet service providers TalkTalk, Virgin, Sky and BT  [see the previous "self-regulation" act - "UK: Top 4 ISPs Committed for Opt-In Parental Control" - here]who together supply internet connections to almost 9 out of 10 homes and today, after months of negotiation, we have agreed home network filters that are the best of both worlds. By the end of this year, when someone sets up a new broadband account the settings to install family friendly filters will be automatically selected"

See "The internet and pornography: Prime Minister calls for action" - here.

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