Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sandvine Will Compete on PCRF Projects

Following today's announcement (See "Sandvine Adds PCRF Functionality" - here) and my recent post on Sandvine's "Service Creation" positioning (see "What's Behind Sandvine's "we are 1-2 years ahead of competition in service creation" Statement?"-  here)  I asked Dan Deeth [pictured], Sandvine's Media and Industry Relations Manager for some clarifications on the new SDE.

Can this be deployed with other (non-Sandvine) PCEF?

Yes, this can be deployed with a non-Sandvine PCEF. 

["The SDE also offers a 3GPP Release 11 compliant PCRF, complete with a Diameter Gx out interface, letting it serve as the policy decision interface to external network elements and systems. In a Policy and Charging Control (PCC) deployment, the SDE signals enforcement to, and collects usage from, any 3GPP compliant PCEF using Diameter Gx"]

Is this your own, self-developed product?

Yes, it’s our own development.

Is it based on the “historical” product of CableMatrix you acquired several years ago? [see "Sandvine Announces Two Acquisitions" - here]

It is an evolution of SDE which came from CableMatrix. The SDE was always PCRF to PTS and this release we are just extending its functionality to a 3GPP release 11 compliance PCRF (Gx out enforcement to third party PCEF like GGSN and P-GW).

So this means that you will be competing now in the PCRF space, even when DPI (PTS) is not involved?

Yes. We will now be going after PCRF deals even without the involvement of our PTS. However, having a single vendor with a common policy engine across both the PCRF and PCEF is beneficial to the customer, in terms of faster time to market due to seamless interoperability.

Will you be supporting your competitors DPIs?

Our PCRF will support any PCEF that adheres to the standards. Sandvine has always had a focus on our three solution areas: Business Intelligence, Service Creation, and Cost Reduction. Enforcement on a third-party PCEF via Gx allows us to support additional customer configurations to satisfy their solution needs.

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