Thursday, July 25, 2013

ZCorum Launches Bandwidth Usage Management Product; Based on Active Broadband Technology

ZCorum announced the ".. launch of Bandwidth Commander, a next generation bandwidth usage management product ..  Bandwidth Commander monitors subscriber bandwidth usage on an hour by hour basis, enabling better control of peak time usage across the provider’s subscriber base versus establishing monthly usage caps. Net-neutral bandwidth management policies can be applied dynamically based on key parameters such as the time of day, the plan the customer is subscribed to and even the amount of congestion on the network at the time".

See "ZCorum Launches a New Bandwidth Management Tool that Helps Monetize High Bandwidth Use" - here.

In parallel, Active Broadband Networks announced that it has "..partnered with ZCorum to power the company’s new Bandwidth Commander managed service offering. ZCorum is using Active Broadband’s Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM) to actively monitor subscriber bandwidth consumption and apply bandwidth management policies on the fly.

Bandwidth Commander allows ZCorum’s customers to implement bandwidth policies and service pricing based on connection speed, usage and time of day. By moderating bandwidth consumption during periods of peak demand, broadband providers can effectively defer capital expenditures, increase revenue by migrating heavy users to higher-paying service tiers, and improve overall subscriber experience. Bandwidth Commander is a hosted solution that leverages the existing DOCSIS network infrastructure – no additional network hardware is required"

See "Active Broadband Networks Powers ZCorum’s Bandwidth Commander Service" - here.

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