Friday, August 16, 2013

Ascom LTE Testing Selected by Swisscom (CHF1.2M) & 2 US MNOs ($10M)

Ascom Network Testing announced that " .. As part of its nation-wide 4G/LTE rollout program, Swisscom has selected Ascom to provide an upgrade of its existing benchmarking and network quality of service monitoring with a total value of more than CHF 1.2 million. The contract is part of a network overhaul initiated by Swisscom to handle future growth in mobile data transmission"

" .. Ascom’s TEMS Portfolio is used in most of the European countries to do first validation of 4G/LTE network performance and was recently also selected by two leading US operators for 4G/LTE benchmarking and service performance monitoring projects worth more than USD 10 million".

See "Swisscom selects Ascom Network Testing for 4G/LTE-Network Benchmarking" - here.

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