Thursday, August 8, 2013

DPI Market Shows Modest Growth in 2013; Sandvine Leads

As all public DPI vendors have released their Q2 results, we can look now how the market performed during the first half of 2013, based on their performance - a good indication, based on their market position, for the whole market.

Total revenues for the 3 vendors during the first half of 2013 were $125.8M, compared to $116.3 in the same period of 2012 (+8.2%) and $136.6M for the 2nd half of 2012 (-7.6%).

Recent market research reports, as well as guidance from some of the vendors, predict growth rates of ~30% (see "[TechNavio] DPI Market to Grow at 35% 2012-16" - here and "[Infonetics]: 2012 DPI Market Grew by 28%" - here). 

Sandvine is now leading the market again, with 39% share in H1, followed by Allot Communications (36%). In 2012, for the first time, Allot Communications led the market with 42% market share. 


So - we are left with great hopes for the 2nd half .. (see Allot's CEO statement here, as well as Procera's guidance - "we expect stronger sequential growth in the second half of the year"). 

The stock performance shows the leadership makeover, with Sandvine outperforming everybody:

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