Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sandvine and Procera: Google is not (yet?) 40% of the Internet

Right after the 5 minutes Google outage, there were several reports showing a significant decline of the total internet traffic, up to 40% (see "Google Outage Caused ???% Drop in Internet Traffic" - here).

Few days later, Sandvine and Procera Networks provide their own observations:

  • Sandvine - a blog post by Dan Deeth: "Everybody relax. That Google outage on Friday likely did not cause global consumer internet traffic to instantly drop by 40%. Might it have still been significant? Absolutely .. While Google is major mover of Internet traffic, and the outage likely impacted many total subscribers, because its total duration was between 1-5 minutes, the overall impact on total Internet use for the day was negligible".

    See "Traffic Spotlight: Google Outage"  - here

Source: Sandvine
  • Procera - post by Cam Cullen: "Did the Internet Really Go Away last Friday? No, it really did not. There was, however, a noticeable drop in many networks, and some appeared to see a longer lasting outage than others. The examples below all show pointed dips during the outage (time zone adjusted from 1800 to 1900)".

    See "Google Outage: Did the Internet Really Go Away last Friday?" - here.

Source: Procera Networks

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