Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bell Canada: "Network Policy is one of those things that are easier said than done"

Cassio Sampaio [pictured, ex- Sandvine], Leading project in charging and policy for Bell Canada, talks with the Broadband Traffic Management Congress (November 12-13, London) about policy management:

"Network Policy is one of those things that are easier said than done, and while there is always a new shining toy around the corner that promises to help increase revenues, neutralized the OTT threat and reduce TCO (and sometimes even fight world hunger), the reality is that several operators find themselves with several systems or platforms either recently introduced or currently being deployed .. operators are learning that the promise land of clicking on a few checkboxes and pushing the ‘deploy this policy button’ is far from being a reality today. I am aware of several operators facing challenges related to time-to-market and this is certainly a problem".

"I believe that a few forces will be driving policy over the next couple of years: Large VoLTE rollouts which demands policy deployments to reach an “HLR-like” level of robustness .. Policy on the device will continue to gain traction and perhaps move past the “shiny demo” stage we are currently in .. SDN/NFV .. The business customer deserves more attention from an overall policy and charging perspectives and Convergence".

See "Cassio Sampaio, Bell Canada" - here.

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  1. Totally Agree.
    As the traditional boundaries between Network and IT dissolve further in a world where the network is the application and the application is the network, the types of complexities like the ones Bell Canada is experiencing in the area of Policy Management become more prevalent. Traditional IT application management processes and governance are key to managing such complex environments.
    The trick seems to be in Products and Solutions that are based on cross disciplined approach: finding the right balance between Network Engineering grade solutions, combined with IT Service Management discipline .
    This is the secret ingredient for maximizing revenue and optimizing operations in a merged Network Engineering and IT environment which is today’s reality for our Telecom clients globally. Given our heritage, HP CMS solutions are conceived, designed, developed, and deployed with this fundamental principal in mind.