Monday, August 5, 2013

[Vendor Review]: Tieto Diameter Signaling Controller

My "Diameter Signaling Routing/Load Balancing Product List" page [here] was updated with Tieto's Diameter Signaling Controller.

Henri Suutarinen, Customer Manager, Tieto, provided me some information about the product:
  • The product was launched [here] at the MWC this year. Our Diameter Signaling Controller including Diameter Mediation Gateway has the unique functionality and scalable capacity needed to meet the exploding data volumes, and the configuration for the nowadays mandatory interworking scenarios has been simplified to a point where no implementation work is needed when adding new interfaces.
  • We provide DSC both as SW to be run on any customer selected commercial off-the-shelf  (COTS) HW or we can provide a complete solution, from SW to HW, including deployment and maintenance & support services.
  • Our customers are both OEM’s and carriers. The competitive edge we have is our flexibility to provide the product for white labelling and also our great capabilities for integrating it to legacy systems.

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