Friday, August 9, 2013

Qwilt Expects to Win AT&T and Comcast; Praised by Japan's IT Frontier

A story by Peter Cohan, Forbes, on Qwilt, following their recent funding (see "Qwilt has 40 Customers and 10 Trials; Raised $16M" - here) with the CEO, Ilan Maor.

"With headquarters in Redwood City, Calif., R&D in Israel, and sales offices around the world in London, Sao Paulo, Australia, and Asia, Qwilt currently employs 60 people and Maor expects that number to double in the next year .. He also expects to close some big deals by the end of 2013. “We anticipate closing some very big deals with major carriers like AT&T and Comcast.

At least one customer sounds satisfied with Qwilt. Masashi Ono, Division General Manager of Japan’s IT Frontier Corporation. said “The speed of the network has real value to our customers. Their subscribers demand the best possible viewing and browsing experience. Our long-standing relationship with Qwilt has enabled this carrier to consistently meet consumer expectations throughout Japan".

See "Qwilt Helps Network Operators Cope With 85% Growth In Video" - here.


  1. IT Frontier is not a customer it is a distributor

  2. I guess it is a bit misleading, but the Forbes article probably sees IT Frontier as a Qwilt customer, which may be formally correct.

    We can learn from that that they have end-customers in Japan. See also 'Qwilt CEO Expects Full-Scale Deployments in Japan and Korea During 2013" -

  3. From my knowledge and I know a bit I wouldn't trust everything which was dictated by the PR agency of Qwilt.

    And from your experience you should know that if ATT was even remotely true Qwilt would be breaking and NDA even by mentioning ATT name...

  4. None of the US operators are interested in Transparent Caching, none! There is no value in Transparent Caching for these US operators. Qwilt has won a couple of low-level operators in places like Kentucky and Iowa - they are just a big bloviating marketing machine.