Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Vendor Review] Qwilt: "We can Save US Operators Hundreds of $Millions in Few Years"

Two weeks ago I posted several quotes from a Forbes interview with Qwilt's CEO (see "Qwilt Expects to Win AT&T and Comcast; Praised by Japan's IT Frontier" - here).

Several readers made comments to the post, questioning the opportunity for caching in the US Tier1 market and wondering about disclosing prospects. In order to better understand the company's strategy and target markets, I spoke with Mark Fisher [pictured], VP Marketing and BD.

Mark is confident that the growth in internet traffic, and in particular video, justifies the use of transparent caching even by the largest operators. Qwilt, that in its early days addressed the cable market, is now targeting all fixed and mobile operators - and almost entirely for video caching. "Every operator is considering this approach to solve the growth in traffic", says Mark "Operators are cautious on bringing 3rd party provides into their networks, therefore look for their own solution and control".

As for the names mentioned in the Forbes interview (Comcast and AT&T) - these names were not mentioned by the CEO, nor disclosed by the reporter. They were given as example to the size of operators with which Qwilt is working. "We are working with US operators that can save hundreds of millions of dollars with our solution" says Mark.

Qwilt's differentiation according to Mark: "We offer a s/w solution, running over off-the-shelf platforms; we have strong video classification resulting in a much better cost/performance solution [Qwilt's roots are in P-Cube, the DPI vendor that was acquired by Cisco - Azi]; out-of-band solution that does not impact network availability and embedded Monetization". These advantages were tested and proofed in labs and trials, Mark adds.

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  1. So now we are back to lab trials... This company is great at spending VC money mostly on PR. I suggest they talk less and focus on business.