Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sandvine: $4M Orders from 2 EMEA DSL Providers

Sandvine continues to enjoy its combined PCRF/PCEF offering (see "Sandvine Adds PCRF Functionality" - here) and announced 2 new wins "after competitive processes"
The vendor said that it has ".. won two new communication service provider (CSP) customers in the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Combined, the DSL service providers serve over two million broadband subscribers .. Both new customers will be using Sandvine’s Policy Traffic Switch and Service Delivery Engine platform, which offer fully-standards-compliant policy and charging enforcement (PCEF) and rules (PCRF) functions".
  • The CSP in Africa will be deploying Sandvine’s leading Business Intelligence solution, Network Analytics, to gain actionable insight into network traffic and subscriber usage trends. The operator will use the insight to develop new service plans, using Sandvine’s Usage Management products, and to develop strategies to manage network traffic, using Sandvine’s Traffic Management, in order to enhance subscriber quality of experience.
  • In eastern Europe, a rapidly growing CSP has selected Sandvine’s Traffic Management solution for its unmatched flexibility in determining policy rules, compatibility with IPv6, and ability to scale for future traffic and subscriber growth. The CSP will also be using Sandvine’s in-browser notification capabilities to communicate with subscribers about future value-added services. Sandvine will be replacing an incumbent solution from an integrated network equipment provider.
See "Sandvine Executes On EMEA Strategy With Two New Customers" - here.

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