Thursday, December 5, 2013

CSG Acquires Volubill's Assets

CSG International announced that it has "purchased key assets of Volubill [see "Volubill Entered Liquidation" - here] .. Volubill products, which are used by service providers globally to bring to market and monetize the new generation of digital, communication-based services, are a natural extension of CSG’s current market-leading billing and revenue management portfolio".

CSG has a PCC product in its portfolio - Integrated Charging and Policy.

David Heaps [pictured], SVP business strategy, CSG said: “Our clients are always looking for the most effective ways to maximize the value from the data and traffic that travel across their networks, and Volubill was an early innovator in that space .. Volubill’s well-respected brand and broad client installations will bolster CSG’s own expertise in revenue management, service personalization, and customer management. CSG has a deep client-focused culture and a reputation for maintaining long-term relationships. We look forward to serving the Volubill customer base”.

See "CSG International to Acquire Key Volubill Assets" - here.

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