Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sandvine - $5M Order from Tier1 US (Comcast?)

The day is not over yet, and winning announcements continue to come - earlier it was Procera (here) and now it's Sandvine with one large order and a general statement following the closure of its 4th quarter.

The company said it has "..received a follow-on order of over $5 million from a Tier 1 North American fixed line operator that first became a customer in 2007" [see "Sandvine CEO: 'Telefonica and Comcast - Lion's Share of Revenues'" - here]

"Additionally, Sandvine announced that it won a record 25 new communications service provider (CSP) customers during its fourth quarter of 2013, including eight from the recently announced [here] Latin American Tier 1 operator group"

The $5 million follow-on order represents an expansion of the operator’s deployment of Sandvine’s Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) and Service Delivery Engine (SDE) to support business intelligence and traffic optimization use cases. The order was received in Sandvine’s fourth quarter of 2013 .. The 25 new customers that Sandvine won during its fourth quarter span 22 countries, and offer their services over mobile, DSL, cable, fixed wireless and fibre network access infrastructures".

See "Sandvine Receives Over $5 Million Expansion Order From Tier 1 North American Operator" - here.

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