Friday, December 13, 2013

Optimization Deployments [277]: BaikalWestCom [Russia/Rostelecom] Deployed Actix

Actix (recently acquired by Amdocs for $120M - here) announced the ".. successful implementation of ActixOne Geo-located Customer Experience Analytics and Network Optimization for BaikalWestCom, the largest mobile network operator in East Siberia ..a subsidiary of Rostelecom",

Anton Shalin, Head of the Department RNP&O, BaikalWestCom, said: “Automating RAN data collection and analysis with ActixOne provides a more effective, centralized view of the network. It enables our engineers to rapidly identify and resolve any issues, often before subscribers are even aware that a problem is developing

see "Russia’s first geo-located network optimization implemented by Actix for Rostelecom`s subsidiary BaikalWestCom" - here.

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