Friday, December 27, 2013

Gigamon Adds Subscriber-Aware Sampling, Intelligent Filtering and GTP Correlation

Gigamon announced recently a "new applications and enhancements designed to provide Traffic Intelligence – the next phase of the Visibility Fabric evolution. As part of the Applications and Services Layers of the Unified Visibility Fabric architecture, new applications and feature enhancements offer advanced filtering capabilities such as stateful correlation, subscriber awareness, and deep packet visibility. With Traffic Intelligence, the Visibility Fabric will deliver more granular filtering and forwarding to ensure that the tools organizations rely upon for managing, analyzing, and safeguarding the network and its users, receive only the most relevant traffic.

The enhancements and new applications for the Unified Visibility Fabric include:

  • The GTP correlation application which enables customers to filter and forward correlated subscriber traffic streams that are encapsulated using the GPRS Tunneling Protocol, or GTP, within 3G/4G/LTE environments.

  • The FlowVUE™ application which provides active, subscriber-aware flow sampling to intelligently forward only the most relevant traffic to the tools.
  • Adaptive Packet Filtering which offers the ability to look for content anywhere in the packet and make intelligent filtering and forwarding decisions"

See "Gigamon Visibility Fabric Apps and Features Offer Big Data Traffic Intelligence for Enterprises and Service Providers" - here.

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