Sunday, December 1, 2013

Orange: LTE Changes Users' Behavior - More Content, Videogames and Commerce

So it is not all about video (yet). Orange announced the "results of Orange Exposure 2013/2014 – an annual independent study by TNS into media habits across UK, France and Spain.

[See also - "Ericsson: 'The largest and fastest growing mobile data traffic segment is video'" - here].

Among this year’s findings:
  • early evidence that consumer behaviour is evolving as a direct result of 4G’s introduction – fuelled by faster download times and greater bandwidth. Not only are 4G users consuming more content – 30% of them in the UK regularly use their mobile to download videogames, compared with 17% of their 3G counterparts - they are also using more of the phone’s functionality (downloading video, and using geolocation for example) – in the case of France this is 25% more than non-4G users.   
  • 4G users demonstrate a growing propensity for m-commerce – with 53% using their mobile to pay for something in the last six months compared with 34% of 3G mobile multimedia users.
  • The research also established the continued dominance of Android over iOS in the marketplace for the second year running, with almost half of all mobile devices Android, in all three markets".
See "Orange Exposure 2013/2014 research points to significant shift in consumer usage patterns with advent of 4G" - here.

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