Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Czech Republic Published Net Neutrality Rules

telecompaper reports that "Czech regulator CTU has published new rules [see below] for operators using traffic management techniques ..  The rules prohibit ISPs from slowing or blocking services in such a way that the contracted speed and bandwidth is impacted, nor can they can discriminate against certain content, applications or services delivered over the network. Exceptions are allowed in certain cases, such as in order to prevent serious crime or disruptions to the network. In any other cases, internet services much be clearly advertised as restricted, with the limitations spelled out in the contract terms. The CTU will monitor compliance with the rules".

See "Czech regulator issues traffic management rules" - here and "Zpráva ze zasedání Rady Českého telekomunikačního úřadu v 51. týdnu 2013" - here.

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