Thursday, December 5, 2013

FCC Chairman re-defines Net Neutrality: "we're going to see a two-sided world"

Richard Chirgwin, reports to The Register that the FCC maybe re considering its Net Neutrality rules - "That is, if the definition of “net neutrality” means there is never any scope for a provider to apply quality of service as a product differentiator – something which becomes contentious when people begin debating neutrality. As things now stand, the FCC takes a dim view of payment to get higher quality of service .. Wheeler endorses the idea that a Netflix might want to buy a higher QoS to ensure guaranteed performance, as distinct from best-effort performance".

Just compare this to President Obama's "I am a big believer in Net Neutrality" interview from 2010 (here).

FCC Chairman Wheeler [pictured] discussed that at Ohio State University (here). "What the Internet does is not an area that is appropriate for federal regulation … with a few notable exceptions .. I am a firm believer in the market. I think we're going to see a two-sided world [see "DT Believes in "Two-Sided" Business Model - OTT to Pay for QoS" - herewhere Netflix might say, 'I'll pay in order to make sure that you might receive … the best possible transmission of this movie'. I think we want to let these kinds of things evolve".

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