Sunday, December 29, 2013

End of US Net Neutrality?

Reinhardt Krause reports to the INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY that "A U.S. District Court is likely to scale back the Federal Communications Commission's authority to impose broadband Net neutrality regulations on Internet service providers, says Stifel Nicolaus in a research report. A ruling could come soon, says analyst Christopher King". 

This opinion may be reinforced by the recent statement from the FCC new Chairman - "we're going to see a two-sided world" (here) and New America Foundation opinion "Net Neutrality is 'a Dead Man Walking'"  (here).

"A ruling could come soon A three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia heard oral arguments in the case on Sept. 9 [see below] .. We believe Verizon and other telco and cable providers could gain new latitude to seek new premium (paid prioritization ) deals with Internet edge/content companies .. Comcast will remain bound by the rules and related provisions under NBCU merger conditions until 2018, even if the FCC loses .. the impact on content companies (Netflix, Google, Amazon, Walt Disney would be particularly complex, given individual business plans and broader market ripple effects .. some might actually view the ruling as an opportunity to strike broadband deals that improve their service or customers' experience, giving the telco/cable broadband providers leverage"

See "Verizon, ISPs May Get Favorable Net Neutrality Ruling" - here.

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