Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sandvine Closes Israeli R&D Center: "Shifts Resources to Sales and Marketing"

A message I got from a creditable source said that Sandvine's R&D center, in Jerusalem, Israel has been closed and a staff of 30 S/W developers and QA testing engineers has been dismissed.

I asked for Sandvine's comment, and got the following: "While the process is still underway, as part of our ongoing strategy to shift resources towards sales and marketing activities, we are considering the consolidation of our operating sites, of which Jerusalem is the smallest. We don’t anticipate any impact to Sandvine’s products, partnerships or support activities. Our final decision will be made shortly, after our full process is complete".
Sandvine R&D center in Israel is a result of Sandvine's acquisition of CableMatrix in 2007, which created the base for Sandvine's policy management solution, recently expanded to a full PCRF product (see "Sandvine Adds PCRF Functionality" - here).


  1. lyers, "We don’t anticipate any impact to Sandvine’s " - the whole pcrf project development was there.

  2. Sandvine is an Israeli company and will always be part of Israel

  3. Closing the Jerusalem branch in Israel will not effect Sandvine operation as an Israeli company