Friday, March 13, 2015

FCC's Net Neutrality: No Price Regulation; Won’t Reduce Investments

The FCC has released the full text of the new Net Neutrality order, a 400 pages document (here) - and a press release that is "Separating Fact from Fiction".

"The Order uses every tool in the Commission’s toolbox to make sure the Internet stays fair, fast and open for all Americans, while ensuring investment and innovation can flourish. We encourage the public to read the Order, which reflects the input of millions of Americans and allows everyone to separate myths from fact, such as: [Partial list]
  • Myth: The FCC plans to set broadband rates and regulate retail prices in response to consumer complaints.
  • Fact: The Order doesn’t regulate retail broadband rates.
  • Myth: This will increase consumers’ broadband bills and/or raise taxes. 
  • Fact: The Order doesn’t impose new taxes or fees or otherwise increase prices.
  • Myth: This is a plan to regulate the Internet and let the government take over the Internet.
  • Fact: The Order doesn’t regulate Internet content, applications or services or how the Internet operates, its routing or its addressing.
  • Myth: This proposal means the FCC will get to decide which service plan you can choose.
  • Fact: The Order doesn’t limit consumers’ choices or ban broadband data plans.
  • Myth: This will stifle innovation in new areas of Internet connectivity like connected cars or tele-health.
  • Fact: The Order doesn’t regulate the class of IP-based services that do not connect to the public Internet.
  • Myth: This will lead to slower broadband speeds and reduced investment in broadband deployment.
  • Fact: The Order doesn’t reduce broadband investment or slow broadband speeds.
  • Myth: The new transparency rules add up to a new form of regulation.
  • Fact: Clear disclosure requirements benefit both consumers and industry".
See "FCC Open Internet Order - Separating Fact From Fiction" - here.

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