Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Samsung Partners with IBM and Guavus for QoE-Based OSS

Samsung announced recently "key partnerships with IBM and Guavus to provide comprehensive Operational Support Systems (OSS) offerings to mobile network operators. Samsung’s newly launched portfolio of operational support systems, CognitiV OSS [see "Samsung Electronics Targets High Quality Data Services with CognitiV Analytics" - here]  will help mobile service providers to manage and optimize their networks in a proactive and intelligent way. 

Based on information collected from network elements and user traffic, CognitiV OSS analyzes users’ service quality of experience (QoE) in real-time, which provides automated network optimization and root-cause analysis of service quality degradation.

  • Through the strategic alliance, Samsung and IBM will collaborate on overall OSS technology and develop new business opportunities. Samsung’s leadership in the LTE market and IBM’s long experience with OSS will create important synergies for the development of an advanced OSS platform.
  • Samsung is also working closely with Guavus on developing analytics technologies to bolster its innovative OSS offering. As networks grow increasingly dense and sophisticated, the importance of big data analytics is becoming more and more apparent. Samsung will work with Guavus’ analytics expertise to develop real-time analysis capabilities that are optimized for radio networks.
See "Samsung Electronics Partners with IBM and Guavus for Next Generation OSS Offerings" - here.

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  1. Samsung being friends with IBM.. this might end up being beneficial for both the companies… thanks for the interesting updates.