Wednesday, March 4, 2015

iiNet [Australia] Offers Zero Rated Netflix

While Net Neutrality is reborn in the US, and Zero-rated service plans gain traction in developing countries, iiNet has news to his customers in Australia: "Get Netflix quota-free on an iiNet Fixed Line Broadband or NBN Fibre plan" (here).

"Following confirmation from Netflix that it will launch locally on 24 March, iiNet’s broadband, Naked DSL, NBN and iiNet TV with Fetch customers (excludes all Satellite, NBN Wireless, Mobile Voice, Mobile Broadband and all Business customers) will have access to as much Netflix content as they like, without it counting against their monthly quota".
iiNet offers 100 GB to 1 TB DSL service plans for their "own netwrok" customers; "Both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly included data. There are no automatic excess usage charges on ADSL2+. Instead, traffic beyond the included data will be slowed to 256kbps/256kbps. You may purchase a Data Pack at an additional cost for a data top-up, if required". 

See "iiNet to flick on quota-free Netflix" - here.

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