Friday, March 27, 2015

Oracle and Intel Demo Carrier-grade Performance in a Virtualized Environment

Oracle Communications announced it has "delivered the industry’s first successful demonstration of carrier-grade network performance in a virtualized environment. The project, led by Oracle and using the Intel® Open Network Platform (ONP), demonstrates that CSPs can realize more of the promise of NFV. Specifically, the initiative proves that by intelligently directing network activity to the Intel® processor, CSPs will have more capabilities in software that were previously limited to hardware. In turn, this means that CSPs could maintain service quality levels and develop new offers for customers as soon as CSPs begin to migrate their network functions to the data center.

For this initiative, Oracle Communications optimized specific products for the Intel ONP using OpenStack open source infrastructure management software and its Enhanced Platform Awareness capabilities. The optimized products are part of Oracle’s orchestration framework, including Oracle Communications Network Service Orchestration Solution. [see "Oracle introduces Network Service Orchestration Solution" - here].
By directing the Intel platform to dynamically establish data center resource pools that mimic the specialized characteristics of a network appliance (such as large memory pages), the orchestration software can then route the work to the correct pool, based on each function’s unique needs. Moreover, this orchestration activity can work for any network equipment vendor’s interface, preserving the CSP community’s requirement to support multi-vendor environments. Oracle and Intel contribute to and support the widely accepted OpenStack initiative".

See "Oracle Communications Advances Network Function Virtualization by Delivering Carrier-Grade Data Center Performance" - here.

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