Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Openwave Mobility: Federated SDM; Encrypted Traffic Optimization

Openwave Mobility recent announcements: 

  • "launched the industry’s first carrier grade subscriber data federation solution. Smart Data Federator (SDF) is a flexible interface between data silos that reads and writes data to existing systems, allowing for a consolidated view of all subscriber data. SDF uses proven technology installed in the largest deployment of a UDR in the world, with over 130 million subs and over 5 nines availability. 
    Operators can use SDF to make the connection between the data and the repository, regardless of structure and storage type. SDF is placed centrally to other data repositories, giving operators the flexibility they need to build applications across silos. SDF also creates a secure link between the applications and the data. This means that operators can secure and manage all their data repositories through SDF. By deploying SDF the applications that need data federation get the benefits of federation, while other applications can continue to use their data repositories directly as required

    See "Openwave Mobility Unveils Subscriber Data Federation Solution" - here
  • "a new solution, Secure Traffic Manager, leveraging its NFV-enabled Integra, that optimizes encrypted mobile video and audio streaming traffic. Network operators will now benefit from a comprehensive solution that optimizes not just the TCP/IP transport layer, but also the video and audio application layer for encrypted traffic to maximize network utilization. Operators can now achieve 50% data savings on encrypted HD video, delivering an improved user experience for congested networks without compromising subscriber privacy.
    Matt Halligan 
    [pictured], CTO, Openwave Mobility said: “Secure Traffic Manager uses patent pending heuristics to detect and manage streaming content. We enable smarter policy-aware traffic management for the carrier while retaining the highest levels of security protocols for robust encryption”.

    See "Openwave Mobility First to Optimize Encrypted Video Streaming" - here.