Saturday, November 17, 2012

F5 Adds RFC 6733 Support to the Diameter Router; Better Security

F5 Networks announced that its "Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller is the market’s first Diameter solution to support the new Diameter specifications per the latest release of RFC 6733.. Some of the highlights of RFC 6733 [written by reps from Telcordia/Ericsson, Nokia and Network Zen] are as follows: 
  • Tighter security with better connections between peers by requiring the use of TLS/TCP and DTLS/SCTP
  • Added routing functionality and flexibility using routing table add-ons
  • Additional SCTP functionality
  • Updates to AVPs and messages to enable additional functionality and better interworking
  • Caching mechanism to reduce signaling, increase performance, and enable additional routing capabilities"
Ben Volkow (pictured), VP of Product Development, F5 said: “We have been aware of RFC 6733 and welcome its arrival because it provides for several enhancements for CSPs in the areas of security, management, and flexibility

See "F5’s expertise and leadership in diameter enable customers to be ready for new industry standards and optimize their LTE rollouts" - here.


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