Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Player in DPI/Policy-based Mobile Traffic Management: Affirmed Networks

Affirmed Networks emerged from stealth mode and announced the availability of its "..currently-deployable AN3000 solution .. The AN3000 enables operators to manage both subscribers and advanced services in an industry-leading solution that bundles gateway functions with rich application and content delivery services"
".. The AN3000 is designed to overcome the major challenges operators face in economically scaling their networks to meet subscriber usage and quality of experience demands, as well as to intelligently treat multiple traffic streams – sometimes from the same subscriber – with dynamic policy, individually tailored services and adaptable charging profiles .. The AN3000’s virtualized software operates on industry standard hardware including both ATCA and blade server".

Affirmed application signature analysis "use combination of SPI, DPI, and application signature analysis rules to perform service-specific traffic processing for any of the integrated AN3000 inline service applications. These applications are built on top of the workflow subsystem which incorporates these complex service rules, therfore new service capabilities become scriptable within the configuration and in many cases do not require an online software upgrade. For example, services that require DPI rules to classify and steer video traffic based on L3/L4/L7 parameters or block peer to peer messaging become simple expressions that can be turned on or off by adding a new workflow service configuration rule. This combination of workflow and SPI/DPI/signature protocol analyzers provides a seamless framework to integrate Gi services and perform traffic steering based on subscriber identity, L3/L4/L7 traffic attributes, Radius subscriber parameters, or dynamic PCRF responses".

"The AN3000 is generally available and in trials with operators around the world"

See "Affirmed Networks Unveils Disruptive Platform to Drive the Economic Capacity of Mobile Networks" - here.

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