Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Sharma]: US Wireless Signaling Traffic Increased 3X

Some highlights from Chetan Sharma's report on the US wireless for Q3, 2012 [see below]:
  • The US mobile data market grew 3% Q/Q and 17% Y/Y to reach $19.9B in Q3 2012
  • Most western markets have seen the net revenue in the messaging segment decline. The US market has resisted the decline thus far. In Q3 2012, for the first time, there was a decline in both the total number of messages as well as the total messaging revenue in the market.
  • New types of plans [shared data] also evolved the decades-old operator metric of ARPU to ARPA (Average Revenue Per Account) given that we are seeing a strong influx of multiple devices per individual/household
  • The overall data consumption in the US market in 2012 is expected to exceed 2000 Petabytes or 2 Exabytes. The smartphone data consumption at some operators is averaging close to 900 MB/mo. Some devices are averaging close to 2 GB/mo. As we move into 1GB range along with the family data plans kicking in, you can expect the data tiers to get bigger both in GBs and dollar amount.
  • Mobile data traffic growth is likely to slow down to roughly 80% after doubling for the last five years. Voice traffic will dip below 10% of the overall traffic in 2012.
  • The Signaling traffic has increased 3x.

See "Us wireless market_q3_2012_update_nov_2012_chetan_sharma_consulting" - here

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