Friday, November 2, 2012

Movik Expects to "announce several major MNOs as customers within six months"

In an interview to Kyle Alspach, Boston Business Journal, Movik Networks CEO, John St. Amand says the company expects to "to announce several major wireless firms as customers within six months".

Movik's "technology gives mobile operators a close-up look at "everything that's going on" in the RAN — "every location, by device, by user, by content type .. That allows operators to understand where to invest in new equipment, potentially reducing the operators' collective $70 billion per year in capital expenditures and $17 billion per year spent running the equipment .. Movik's technology also helps to manage the delivery of mobile content in real-time, For instance, the technology could automatically slow down the video loading for some users, so that other users could get rapid views of the Internet, while still keeping the video moving"

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