Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saguna's Investor: ADVA Optical Networking ($1M, 10%)

Earlier this month I reported on Saguna Networks' $3M funding round (here), led by a "German communications equipment supplier". The mystery is solved now as ADVA Optical Networking announced ".. it has made a strategic investment inSaguna Networks and its Content Optimization Delivery Systems (CODS) technology .. With this investment, on a fully diluted basis, ADVA Optical Networking acquired a 10% stake in Saguna Networks".
Brian Protiva (pictured), CEO, ADVA Optical Networking said: “.. Based on the strong working relationship we’ve developed with Saguna Networks, our USD 1 million investment clearly highlights our belief in its technology and in our shared vision for mobile networks. People want mobile content wherever they are and whenever they need it. To achieve this, cell site caching and mobile optimization are critical. This not only guarantees a greater user experience but also enables mobile operators to harness their existing infrastructures and drive profitability. That’s why we’re combining our technologies to build a totally unique solution”.

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