Thursday, November 29, 2012

RADCOM and HP Offer Policy-based, Cell Congestion Optimization Solution

RADCOM continues to expand its partnerships with policy management vendors with its RAN congestion probes. A month after announcing a joint solution with Amdocs (here), the service assurance provider announced a similar partnership with HP.

"RADCOM’s Omni-Q Service Assurance platform and HP Subscriber, Network and Application Policy (HP SNAP), in conjunction with Policy Enforcement and Video Optimization platforms (see below), monitor cell and Radio Access Network (RAN) congestion ..  available for demonstration in HP’s Solution Center, RADCOM’s probe-based Omni‑Q provides real-time QoE monitoring and cell congestion detection information to HP SNAP. HP SNAP orchestrates congestion resolution by managing Video Optimization and Policy Enforcement elements, using standard 3GPP interfaces, thus, reducing the bandwidth consumption for applications being used by subscribers in the congested cells".

HP SNAP is integrated with a number of policy enforcement ("HP SNAP <-> Sandvine/Cisco/Procera")- here) and video optimization  ("Mobixell Explains its Joint Solution with HP" - here) vendors.  

See "RADCOM Reveals Cell Congestion & RAN-Aware Video Optimization Solution" - here.

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