Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sandvine Expands Analytics with Routing Efficiency Dashboard

Sandvine announced the ".. launch of its Routing Efficiency Dashboard, the latest dashboard in its Network Analytics library. Sandvine’s Routing Efficiency Dashboard provides a detailed look into the costly routing and transit links and interconnect relationships that affect operational expenses on fixed and mobile networks".

"The Routing Efficiency Dashboard highlights high-demand traffic using high-cost transit links, allowing communication service providers to reroute traffic toward more appropriate routes such as private peering. Identifying the most efficient links for high-demand traffic creates an immediate cost savings and helps ensure a consistent quality of experience for subscribers. Operators can also measure the quality of links based on their ability to carry rich media and consequently make routing decisions based on quality".

  • The Routing Efficiency Dashboard provides operators with interactive visibility into interconnect relationships, including: Autonomous System (AS) Name & Number; Peak Rate Upstream and Downstream, Video QoE and 2nd Hop and Origin AS drill-down.
  • The Application Analysis tab (see chart) reveals the impact of application traffic across Autonomous Systems (AS): Downstream vs. Upstream Traffic; Hop Level: 1st Hop, 2nd Hop, Origin; Rate at Peak; Daily Average and Video QoE.

  •  Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) information including: Trend Charts and Pie Charts

Don Bowman (pictured), CTO, Sandvine, said: “Large CSPs have many complex peering and transit arrangements and their Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) designates the best available routes for subscriber traffic. Linking route-knowledge to application, cost and quality is an essential part of optimizing network operations, reducing costs and improving subscriber quality of experience

See "Sandvine Launches Routing Efficiency Dashboard" - here.

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