Sunday, December 9, 2012

ALU: How do iPhone5 and iOS6 for iPhone4 Perform?

A research by Lindsay Newell (pictured), VP Marketing Networks Group, Alcatel-Lucent, shows that MNOs should prepare for higher throughput of Apple's new iPhone and iOS. ALU looked into the performance of iPhone5 (with LTE support) and iOS6 for iPhone 4/4S:
  • First what we expected: we knew the iPhone 5 would excel in LTE networks. This prediction did not disappoint – it clocked 10 times the speed of the next best iPhone/iOS version combination on a 3G network (that’s a 900% improvement)
  • Given the iPhone 5’s enhanced UMTS radio features and new chipset, we were not entirely surprised either about the improvement on 3G UMTS (see technical break down in charts), where users enjoyed a 27-58% increase in speed and 11-35% decrease in response time over previous iPhone versions. Even an iPhone 5 connected to a 2G network posted a reasonable 14% gain in speed and a 27% response time advantage. 

  • .. on UMTS networks any iPhone upgraded to iOS 6 outperformed iPhone 4 and 4S running earlier iOS versions by as much as 24% and 33% in speed.
See "Alcatel-Lucent’s network analytics show iOS 6 delivers up to 33% improvement for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users" - here.

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