Sunday, December 2, 2012

InfoVista Adds SON Capabilities with the Acquisition of Mentum

InfoVista announced that it has ".. acquired Mentum, the industry's leading RAN and backhaul network planning and optimization solutions provider .. for the last 20 years, Mentum’s constant innovation has led to a commanding market share, which includes more than 100 LTE customers"

"InfoVista will leverage Mentum’s strong assets, expertise and technology and integrate it into its existing solution portfolio. The synergy between InfoVista’s and Mentum’s products and services will help mobile operators to:
  • Deliver CAPEX-aware infrastructure dimensioning;
  • Benefit from a single partner for all technologies across all functional cycles;
  • Deploy a reliable path to Self-Organizing Networks (SON); and,
  • Further monetize their network assets"

See "InfoVista Acquires Mentum" - here.

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