Monday, December 10, 2012

Avvasi Launches Video Analytics Service Gateway - w/Location (RAN), Device and Subscriber Awareness

Avvasi announced the ".. launch of Avvasi Q-SRV Video Service Gateway .. Q-SRV has been designed for LTE and broadband networks. It enables network operators to detect poor video experience in their network, per subscriber, device, location, and service and to improve the user experience in real-time while simultaneously increasing virtual network capacity. Additionally, Q-SRV helps rationalize and create SLAs for video quality, which is indispensable for video monetization".

Avvasi's marketing team shared with me the following screenshots. The top one shows a comparison of “Unmanaged Traffic” vs “QoE Normalized Traffic”; the second shows the reduction in ‘bad QoE’ sessions and the reduced size of the bar indicates the additional virtual capacity that has been added.

"Avvasi Q-SRV runs on Avvasi’s Xperium platform, a carrier-grade, ATCA-based chassis that provides industry leading scalability, flexibility and performance needed to help service providers monetize massive video traffic growth".

See "Avvasi Launches Video Service Gateway to Help Service Providers Measure, Improve and Monetize the Video Experience on Mobile Devices"- here.

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