Sunday, December 30, 2012

Syria - Research on DPI

This year we have seen many stories about the use of DPI in Syria (which I haven"t covered in the blog). However, it seems that researchers from the University of Damascus are also working on DPI, in its more commercial apsect of traffic shpaping and QoS.

Eng. Asaad Jamous, Dr. Nawar Al-awa and Dr. Maher Suleiman published a paper last year on the subject.


This research aims to study signature-based network traffic shaping systems, to manage the bandwidth of network link among different packets of applications according to the priority and importance per application , and building QoS classes.

In this research, we investigate the different methods of packets classifications, string matching  algorithm, regular expression, traffic shaping algorithms and techniques. A generic model to match the application signatures was developed, and integrated with QoS.

The system components implemented at Linux operating system using th e open sources units and programs. Experiments of the effects of various metrics and their overall performance have been undertaken and evaluated, and the limitations found in the study are also discussed.

See "Signature-based network traffic shaping" - here.

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