Wednesday, December 19, 2012

UK Government: No Need ("appetite") for Network Based Parental Control

I am following the UK government activity on network based web filtering service (parental control) for over two years now, starting with "UK: Public Pressure on ISPs to Enforce Parental Control" -  here through "UK Government Wants "Opt Out" Parental Control" - here, "UK Government Pushes ISPs (Again) to Provide Better Parental Control" - here to "UK: Top 4 ISPs Committed for Opt-In Parental Control" - here (see the chart below for the latter).

The last step was a public consultation - "Between 28 June and 6 September 2012, the ministers from the Department for Education and the Home Office who co-chaired the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) Executive Board consulted UKCCIS members and the wider public on their views on parental controls. - see "Parental internet controls consultation .. Over 3500 individuals and organisations replied to the consultation and gave a wide range of views" - here.

The result - the UK government response is: 
  • "There was no great appetite among parents for the introduction of default filtering of the internet by their ISP: only 35 percent of the parents who responded favoured that approach"
  • "The Government has therefore been working with all parts of the information and communication industries through UKCCIS to promote the approach recommended by Reg Bailey, “that the internet industry should ensure that  customers must make an active choice over what sort of content they want to allow their children to access … those providing content which is age restricted, whether by law or company policy, should seek robust means of age verification as well as making it easy for parents to block underage access”.

See "The Government’s Response to the Consultation on Parental Internet Controls" - here

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