Monday, April 22, 2013

Vodafone to Offer Multi-Device and Family Plans (End of 2013)

A while ago Telia announced the first Shared Data Plan in Europe (here). Vodafone now follows - although it will take some time before it will be available to its subscribers.

The MNO announced "the expansion of its Vodafone Red customer proposition to cover a total of 14 European markets, together with the addition of new and compelling customer options. Vodafone Red offers European consumers and businesses one integrated service plan with .. very generous mobile data allowances"

"In addition, by the end of 2013 Vodafone customers across all 14 European markets will benefit from further innovations: multi-device plans, enabling customers to connect a smartphone and tablet under one Vodafone Red plan, making it simple and cost effective to own and manage multiple devices under a single bill; family plans, allowing individual family members to sign up to a Vodafone Red package at a discounted price".

See "Vodafone Red To Transform Consumer And Business Experience Of Mobile Communications Across 14 European Countries" - here.

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