Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ADVA Takes Saguna to the Mobile Backhaul

As I mentioned last week (see "ADVA Optical Acquires Biran High Tech Advisors" - here), ADVA Optical Networking announced  its new Cachejack technology - integration of Saguna's CODS caching and optimization technology in its mobile backhaul/carrier Ethernet products for LTE.
This is the 3rd OEM announced by Saguna's partners, following Ubiquisys and FibroLAN. See also "Saguna CEO: "We have 4 New OEM licensees for our Mobile Caching Technology"; Going Live on Q2" - here.
"Cachejack™ is designed to improve mobile user experience and enable location-based services (LBS) through an application-aware radio access network (RAN) and optimize resource utilization by uniquely transporting content directly from the backhaul network straight to the mobile subscriber .. The ADVA Optical Networking solution loads popular content on integrated cache servers in cell site gateways or network interface devices (NID). That content is then delivered from a cache server, which is in closer proximity to the requesting user than the mobile core network".  
Christoph Glingener (pictured), CTO, ADVA Optical Networking said: “We made a strategic investment last year in Saguna Networks [see "Saguna's Investor: ADVA Optical Networking ($1M, 10%)" - here] and its technology for optimizing content delivery in mobile backhaul infrastructures, and now we have rapidly integrated this capability into our successful FSP 150 product line .. Improving user experience, enabling new revenue-generating LBS and reducing transport costs are of prime value to today’s mobile operators

See "ADVA Optical Networking to Demonstrate Unique Cachejack™ Technology at Mobile World Congress 2013" - here.

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