Monday, February 25, 2013

Rumors: NSN's Liquid Applications Uses Saguna's Technology

Nokia Siemens Networks announced the "Biggest transformation in the role of the base station since launch of GSM 22 years ago .. Rather than being just part of a commoditized data bit-pipe, Nokia Siemens Networks is turning the base station into a place where any type of content and data can not only be stored but also take advantage of knowing where and why people are using their smartphones and tablets. By placing useful information right at the edge of their networks, at the point where people connect, operators can deliver a far better service and increase the efficiency of their network .. The new innovation from Nokia Siemens Networks is called Liquid Applications.

Rumors are that NSN embedded Saguna's caching and optimization technology in the new product. This seems to be the 4th OEM Saguna's CEO mentioned earlier this month (see "Saguna CEO: "We have 4 New OEM licensees for our Mobile Caching Technology"; Going Live on Q2" - here) after the 3 partners I've covered so far: ADVAFibroLANand Ubiquisys.

Rumors are also that the integrated solution is already in trials by Vodafone and T-Mobile USA (NSN also announced that "SK Telecom, Nokia Siemens Networks collaborate on Liquid Applications" - here).

".. Liquid Broadband provides capabilities to intelligently deliver personalized services to subscribers. End-to-end QoS Differentiation enables operators to prioritize mobile broadband traffic and fine-tune services according to user profiles and applications. With the operator CDN, operators can allocate network resources whenever and wherever required to control the delivery of content right down to the user device. This ensures that the content is delivered with the right priority, in the right format and at the right time.

See "Nokia Siemens Networks revolutionizes the mobile base station" - here.

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