Monday, February 11, 2013

Ubiquisys Partners with Saguna - Adding Cache to Small-Smart-Cells

Saguna Networks exposes one more OEM partner (see "Saguna CEO: "We have 4 New OEM licensees for our Mobile Caching Technology"; Going Live on Q2" - here) - this time it is Ubiquisys, a UK-based vendor of intelligent small cells.
Indoor public access small cell
The vendors announced that they are ".. cooperating to provide an integrated content and application acceleration offering based on small cells for mobile network operators. The joint solution combines Saguna Networks’ Saguna CODS for optimizing the delivery of content and applications over mobile networks with Ubiquisys’ smart cell, a range of intelligent 3G/4G/WiFi small cell hotspots with an integrated computing platform based on Intel® architecture". 
"The joint solution features transparent popular content caching and DNS caching on the Ubiquisys smart cell, which supports all existing mobile network capabilities, including lawful interception, real-time charging, policy management and more. The solution embeds cloud content and flexible application processing resources at the edge of the mobile network to improve user experience and mobile network economics. The application is distributed and remotely provisioned on smart cells through the Intel AppUp® SMB Service, which is built on the Intel Hybrid Cloud software platform that enables service providers to deliver the benefits of cloud computing on distributed networked devices". See also "The rise of intelligent small cells", by Will Franks (pictured), Ubiquisys - here.
See "Saguna Networks and Ubiquisys Partner to Provide Content and Application Acceleration for Small Cells" - here.

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