Thursday, December 23, 2010

AT&T Develops Mobile Security

"AT&T has hired 13 Ph.Ds in the last six months to open a new lab in New York City focused on mobile security. The researchers are working on technology that detects and blocks worms, viruses and other malicious software from reaching mobile devices" - report the Wall Street Journal.

See "Fortifying Phones From Attackers" - here.

"Everyone is realizing that this is an uncontrolled environment," said Edward G. Amoroso, chief security officer of AT&T Inc. "We don't want to have the same problems that we had with PCs."
The story mentions also some security s/w developers (such as Lookout, working with Verizon and MobileIron), but by the above description it seems that AT&T research is for a network service, rather than a handset application.

Security for mobile services gain more attention recently and some of the DPI vendors are already providing network solution similar to the above mentioned AT&T research, usually based on anomaly behavior detection algorithms.

See some background and DPI offering- "Yankee Group Prediction: A Denial-of-Service Attack Will Take a 4G Network Down" - here.

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