Thursday, December 9, 2010

AT&T: Usage-Based Pricing is a Success (But AT&T Voted as Worst Carrier)

Phil Goldstein  reports to Fierce Wireless  from the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference (agenda) on AT&T's CFO Rick Lindner (picture) presentation:

"AT&T Mobility currently has 7 million mobile broadband subscribers on usage-based data pricing plans, and the company considers its transition to the new pricing structure a success six months after its unveiled the changes .. the carrier's elimination of unlimited data pricing plans has been a success for both customers and the company, and that AT&T has not seen a significant drop in average revenue per user as a result of the change .. The new plans give AT&T greater flexibility as applications and services evolve .. It gives us a model where we can increase data usage and data revenues with that usage over time, and add additional tiers over time as warranted" See "AT&T has 7 million usage-based pricing subscribers" here and the webcast - here.

AT&T seems to be happy - bur its customers aren’t. The Consumer Reports found that "AT&T is the lowest-scoring cell-phone carrier in the U.S., according to a satisfaction survey of 58,000 readers. Of all the carriers rated, AT&T was the only one to drop significantly in overall satisfaction .. Consumer Reports data, reflecting all versions of the phone, found that iPhone owners were much less satisfied with their carrier and rated data service (Web and e-mail) lower than owners of smart phones on other carriers that, like the iPhone, have a host of apps to encourage heavy data use.

See "Consumer Reports cell-service Ratings: AT&T is the worst carrier" - here.

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