Sunday, December 26, 2010

Copyright Infringements: New Technology Identifies Pirated Video

"Dr. Alex Bronstein of Tel Aviv University's Department of Electrical Engineering has a new way to stop video pirates. With his twin brother Michael and Israeli researcher Prof. Ron Kimmel, he has developed the ultimate solution: treating video footage like DNA".

See the story from Science Daily "Catching Video Pirates: Invisible DNA-Like Fingerprint on Video Assist Law Enforcement" - here.

I covered some commercial products in the past - for music (audio) files (see "Ofcom: ISPs Need to Reduce Online Copyright Infringement - How?"- here). While the new technology is still an academic research and needs to be commercialized - it will handle video - where the money is now. 

May work nicely with DPI products and identify unlawful sharing, download or upload (of the original or altered video), if someone wishes and able to finance that.

"The technology employs an invisible sequence and series of grids applied over the film, turning the footage into a series of numbers. The tool can then scan the content of Web sites where pirated films are believed to be offered, pinpointing subsequent mutations of the original .. When scenes are altered, colors changed, or film is bootlegged on a camera at the movie theatre, the film can be tracked and traced on the Internet, explains Dr. Bronstein. And, like the films, video thieves can be tracked and caught"

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